Yrkk Series Large Size High Voltage Wound Rotor Slip Ring AC Induction Motor

The electrical power ranking, set up dimensions and electrical performance of the high-voltage wound rotor slip ring three-period asynchronous AC motor are in compliance with related IEC standards. The basic set up technique of the motor is the horizontal base angle (IMB3), the operating system is the constant functioning system (S1), and the wound rotor is manufactured of Course F insulation materials.
The bearings of the high-voltage wound rotor slip ring AC motor have two sorts of rolling bearings and sliding bearings, dependent on the electricity and speed of the motor. The rated frequency of the motor’s energy source is 50Hz, the rated voltage is 6000V/10000V, and the basic sort of safety is IP54. The motor slip ring housing can be safeguarded to IP22 or IP23. Other voltage, frequency and degree of safety motors are also CZPT on ask for.
The large-voltage winding slip ring AC motor increases the environment and the bearing temperature measuring system. It can also incorporate a heating unit inside of the motor. The shaft extension of the motor usually makes use of a tangential important, and the motor carbon brush is not a lifting composition.
Higher-voltage wound rotor slip ring AC motors can be utilized to travel a assortment of diverse machinery, this kind of as compressors, pumps, crushers, reducing machine instruments, transportation machinery and other mechanical tools, in the mining, machinery industry, petrochemical business, electrical power vegetation, and so forth. Utilised as a primary mover in a mining and mining enterprise. The motor used to generate the blower, coal mill, rolling mill and winch should indicate the purpose and specialized requirements when purchasing, and adopt specific style to make certain trustworthy procedure.

Middle height range: H355 ~ 1000mm
Energy variety: 220kW ~ 10000kW
Number of poles: two/four/six/eight/10/twelve
Rated voltage: 3000V/6000V/6600V/10000V/11000V
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Protection degree: IP54 or IP55
Insulation course: F
Perform program: S1 (constant)
Cooling approach: IC611/IC616
Installation sort: IMB3
Motor link: Y (three outlet terminals in the junction box, the junction box from the extension of the spindle is positioned on the proper facet of the base)
Altitude: no much more than 1000m
This kind of motor is suitable for use in environments exactly where the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ° C and there is no critical dust, the least ambient air temperature is -fifteen ° C, and there is no corrosive and explosive gas in the air (which can also be made into a damp heat or substantial-altitude motor).

The higher-voltage wound rotor slip ring AC motor can increase the big starting torque at a tiny starting existing. The motor is ideal for apps where the potential of the feeder line is insufficient to commence the squirrel-cage rotor, the starting up time is prolonged, the commencing is recurrent, and the modest-range speed regulation is essential. This sequence of motors has the benefits of large efficiency, energy conserving, low sounds, minimal vibration, light-weight bodyweight, reliable functionality, convenient set up and maintenance.

The motor items manufactured by our firm have received the CZPT good quality management management program certification, handed the CCC/COC, China power-conserving solution certification, and passed the certification certificates of CE/UL/IRIS/CAS and other CZPTpean and American nations around the world. The business strictly enhances the top quality and effective motor products and solutions for end users in rigid accordance with the needs of appropriate merchandise requirements.

Our company’s motor manufacturing factory adheres to the idea of green, efficient and vitality-saving manufacturing support, pays attention to the harmonious advancement of inside and external setting, builds environmentally helpful motor manufacturing enterprises, strictly implements motor common procedure, and selects substantial-high quality energy-preserving components to make sure the high quality of motor goods.

There are many types of motor merchandise created and bought by our business. The major merchandise are high- and low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors. The motor construction kinds include squirrel-cage variety and winding kind. Amongst them, large-voltage synchronous motors primarily assistance air compressors and mine ball mill tools. use. We adhere to the services tenet of “emphasis on goods, service with coronary heart” and offer high-top quality motor goods to customers.


Yrkk Series Large Size High Voltage Wound Rotor Slip Ring AC Induction Motor