Vehicle Mounting Movable Fire Fighting Pump

Car mounting movable hearth battling pump 


QI design pump is one-stage stop-suction(axial suction) cantilever kind centrifugal pump, which is employed to transportation corrosive liquid with viscosity similar to water and CZPT sound particles. The marked and rated performances and proportions undertake ISO2858 intercontinental common. 
It has this kind of attributes as broad range of efficiency, high performance, higher mechanical, chemical and physical stage and hassle-free maintenance and so on. It is energy saving type solution recommended by the nation with its performance getting five% better than that of other related model pump.
The temperature of transported media of QI design pump is -20 – 105 C deg . Through adopting cooling approach, it can transport media with higher temperature if required, and  is utilized to transport a variety of corrosive media or media in which air pollution is forbidden equivalent to water in such industries as chemical market, petroleum, metallurgy , electric electricity, papermaking, food, pharmacy and synthetic fiber and so forth.

Automobile mounting fireplace pump Structure                                                                                                                                          
 1. QI design pumps are the series of products created according to ISO worldwide expectations in all industries in China. It is largely composed of pump human body, impellers, seal rings, impeller nuts, pump cove r, seal areas, intermediate help, spindle, suspended components and so on.
2. Structural functions : the pump cover is fastened on the intermediate help, and the pump go over is clamped in the middle by coupling among pump human body and intermediate help. On the pump human body, drinking water is input axially and output radially. Assistance ft can be mounted on t he bas e directly . The suspended elements are mounted onto the intermediate support by means of the rabbet, and are supported onto the base by suspended body
3. Rotation route: the pump is pushed by motor straight through a prolonged coupling, noticed from the facet of the motor, it rotates clockwise.
four. Spindle seal designs: spindle seal styles o f pump are of two varieties such as stuffing seal and mechanical seal. The stuffing seal is that on stuffing casein pump cover , with software program stuffing for sealing, input drinking water of a certain pressure  into the stuffing situation, for cooling, lubrication and cleansing on seal mechanical seal is of two sorts this sort of as solitary-area mechanical seal and double-surface area mechanical seal, input drinking water of a certain pressure into the seal chamber, for washing  and cooling on the abrased surfaces.
Seal patterns of pump are of stuffing seal or mechanical seal, according to users’ specifications, in a same time, seal chamber dimensions and shaft gland designs of other constructions in accordance to ISO3069 as required, are permitted, these kinds of as mechanical seals of corrugated pipes, assistant impeller seals and so on

 Vehicle mounting fire pump Performance        

Pump Variety Capacity
Motor Electrical power(kw)
QI fifty 3.1 – 14 three.7-eighty two .fifty five-eleven
QI 65 six.1 – 30 three.eight-one hundred fifteen.4 .fifty five-thirty
QI 80 twelve – 60 three.six-128 .fifty five-37
QI one hundred 24.3 – 120 five
QI 125 51.4 – 240 8.4-133 four-one hundred ten
QI 150 104 – 240 13-53 11-45
QI two hundred 194-460 five 22-90
QI 250 320-760 22.6-52 75-132
QI 300 530-1200 21.nine-38 90-132

 Vehicle mounting hearth pump Application        
one. Cleanout method.

2. Creating, city fireplace battling

3. Surroundings safeguard technique.

four. Squander water remedy crops.

5. Electroplate and Dyeing program.

6. CZPT and chemical plants

seven. Mining 

An Pump CZPT  Brief Introduction

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Sure, we have been in centrifugal pumps production and marketing business in excess of 32 years.
Q2. What marketplaces do your pumps export to?
CZPTpe, North & South The us, South-East Asia, Africa, CZPTica, Middle East nations. Our abroad agent in Italy, Russia, The usa and Africa are steadily bettering.
Q3. What data must I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
You should permit us know the pump potential, head, medium, procedure scenario, amount, and so forth. As significantly as your supply, the precision and accurate design assortment.
This autumn. Is it CZPT to print our own model on the pump?
Completely acceptable as worldwide principles.
Q5. How can I get the price of your pump?
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Vehicle Mounting Movable Fire Fighting Pump