Nozzle Are Used in Coil Wingding Machinery  Motor Nozzle

Nozzle Are Utilized In Coil Wingding CZPT&lparW0430-2-1571&rparMotor Nozzle

Tungsten carbide wire manual nozzles&lparmotor coil winding nozzles&rparused in coil winding devices to manual the wire to wind in the bobbin&comma pins and and so forth&period of time For the stators and rotors in Collection&comma cooling enthusiasts&comma micro-motor and the motor industries&period

1&interval Large Dress in Resistance
This is assured by the option of materials for use aspects possessing a minimal hardness in surplus of Vickers 1&comma 000 &lparHRC 70&rpar&interval

two&interval Scratch-Proofing
Get rid of wire insulation movie damage&comma minimal friction resistance&comma secure wire tension&interval The wire-guiding surfaces are mirror completed by diamond lapping to a floor roughness of 2 -4 micro inches Ra or much better&comma materials allow&interval
three&time period Straightness and Stiffness
Straightness and Stiffness are outlined by the wire exit getting concentric and inflexible with regard to the nozzle finding&quest &interval In basic phrases&comma the wire should exit from the nozzle concentric to the finding&quest To inside of &period02 mm&comma with or CZPT load&period of time A geometric characteristic presentation is revealed at higher remaining&period of time Concentricity to inside &period01mm&time period

four&interval Precise Exit Radii
Simply because the coil winding nozzle’s Exit Radii governs the angle of the wire exit from one coil to the up coming&comma it need to be monitored to &additionally &sol – &period571 mm&time period This is accomplished by digital measurement&comma revealed at higher right&interval

Measurements can be customise CZPT by asked for&comma outside diameter is governed by nozzle wall thickness&time period You should affirm your nozzles’ measurements in accordance to your winding machine and coil items&interval

NO Product L L1 D D1 d d1 H
1 W5710-&period8-0602 twenty 2 &period8 &period6 &period2 &period2  
two W571-1&period5-1007 30 7 1&period5 1 &period5 &period5  
three W571-2-1007 30 7 two 1 &period5 &period5  
4 W571-2-1210 35 ten 2 1&period2 &period5 &period5  
5 W571-2-1007 35 seven 2 1 &period4 &period4  
six W0330-2-0808 thirty 8 two &period8 &period3 &period3  
7 W0326-two-1007 26 7 2 one &period3 &period3  
eight W571-2-1571 30 10 two one &period5 &period5  
nine W835-2&period5-2011 35 11 two&period5 2 &period8 &period8  
10 W0330-2-1006 thirty 6 2 1 &period3 &period3  
11 W 0571 -2-1215 35 fifteen two 1&period2 &period6 &period6  
twelve W571-3-1571 30 10 three one &period5 &period5  
13 W0630-three-1008 thirty eight three one &period6 &period6  
fourteen W03303-0807 thirty 7 three &period8 &period3 &period3  
fifteen W0630-3-1309 thirty 9 three one&period3 &period6 &period6  
sixteen W0614-3-1509p 14 nine 3 one&period5 &period6 &period6 five
17 W1014-3-1509p 14 9 3 1&period5 one 1 five
eighteen W571-3-1009p fourteen 9 3 one &period4 &period4 5
19 W1030-3 30   three   1 one  
20 W0326-three-0808 26 eight three &period8 &period3 &period3  
21 W0626-3-1208 26 eight three 1&period2 &period6 &period6  
22 W1030-three-2014 thirty 14 3 two twelve twelve  
23 W1230-3-2514 thirty 14 3 two&period5 1&period2 1&period2  
24 W0330-three-0502 30 two 3 &period5 &period3 &period3  
twenty five W0626-three-1208 26 eight three one&period2 &period6 &period6  
26 W0330-3-0504 30 4 3 &period5 &period3 &period3  
27 W0823-three 25   3   &period8 &period8  
28 W571-1211 35 eleven 3 1&period2 &period4 &period4  
29 W5715-three-0811 35 11 3 &period8 &period35 &period35  
thirty W1571-three-1608 25 8 three 1&period6 1 1  
31 W0845-three-2017 forty five seventeen three 2 &period8 &period8  
32 W1535-3 35   three   1&period5 one&period5  
33 W1036-three-2016 36 16 three 2 1 one  
34 W0630-3-1212 30 12 3 one&period2 &period6 &period6  
35 W 0571 -4-2015 thirty fifteen four two &period8 &period8  
36 W1243-four-2515p 43 15 four two&period5 one&period2 one&period2 20
37 W0843-4-2015p 32 15 4 two &period8 &period8 twenty
38 W1232-four&period5 43   four&period5   one&period2 one&period2  
39 W1543-4-2512p 43 12 4 two&period5 1&period5 1&period5 twenty
forty W0843-3&period9-2019p twenty 19 three&period9 two &period8 &period8 19
forty one W2571-five twenty   five   two two  

We offer you other specs and particular products as your requests&time period We could procedure as client’s requirement&period

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Nozzle Are Used in Coil Wingding Machinery  Motor Nozzle