High Negative Pressure Motor Welding Robot Fume Extractor

Substantial damaging force motor welding robot fume extractor

The cellular large unfavorable pressure smoke purifier is hassle-free to move and is quite suitable for often changing the doing work situations of welding sites.

running basic principle :

Under the device’s higher adverse force, the fume and dust by means of suction pipe into the purifier, with the Martian dust prior to enter the purifying cavity were blocked and divided by fire sand. The remaining dust circulation is blocked and uniform distribution by movement plate inside the purifying cavity, in purchase to greater purify by cartridge filter.

Greater particles of dust beneath the action of gravity sinking into the collection of ash hopper, although small particles of dust below the action of suction generated by the eddy current is suspended in interior to purify by cartridge filter.

Tiny particles of dust on the surface area of the filter cartridge, soon after the influence of collected adsorption and combined, sinking into the ash hopper. Right after purification, the air flow out, offer a healthier functioning surroundings for employees. 

Parameters Table:


air volumn



filtration location (m2)

Compressed air

filtration efficiency %

L xWxH (mm)

Sound dB(A)

Greatest negative strain

LB-JF190 190 one.5





ninety nine.nine

550*550*1110 ≤72 23000
LB-JFS245 245 3. eight 620*600*1180 ≤75 32000
LB-JF500 500 five.five 8 750*seven hundred*1280 ≤75 32000

LB-GD central large damaging strain smoke purifier

It employs reduced noisy high adverse stress fan, travel multi-station to purify the dust.
All in a single design helps make compact construction and addresses a modest area. The electric powered method applies PLC automatic management to straightforward procedure. It uses imported temperature resistance, use resistance mixture suction hose with smooth wall inside of, reducing the resistance.
We can choose higher stress suction mask, basic suction surroundings security welding gun, grinding wheel to seize smoke and dust base on diverse station.

Design Airflow
Voltage Energy
Pressure(pa) Physique size
Inlet dia
LB-GD-three hundred 260-350 380V/50HZ or buyer requested 2.2 23000 1200*720*1250 seventy five
LB-GD-520 460-550 7.5 40000 1760*720*1520 one hundred
LB-GD-one thousand 1000-1200 18.5 30000 1950*870*1800 one hundred fifty
LB-GD-2000 1800-2000 25 31000 2000*900*1800 two hundred
LB-GD-2500 2100-2500 29 27000 2100*950*1800 250


High Negative Pressure Motor Welding Robot Fume Extractor