Fully Automatic N95 KN95 FFP2   Folding Face Mask Respirator Making Machine in Stock, 30K-45K Production Capacity Per Day

This generation line is the quickly automated FFP2/KN95/N95/FFP2 folding mask machine
N95 mask generation line introduction: It is utilised in the generation line of entire-computerized folding respirator (standard model is N95 respirator). The whole roll of the gear is loaded. The multi-layer non-woven fabric roll is subject to composite roll welding. The nose line is topic to roll reducing and then welded. The two rolls of ear band are subject matter to computerized roll off and fastened size slicing and then welded. The body is folded and shaped. Soon after ultrasonic welding and fusion, the respirator is last but not least rolled and shaped. The mask has the advantages of relaxed wearing, no feeling of strain, great filtering influence and match for human experience condition. It can be applied to health-related, digital, mining, construction and other industries. This device adopts PLC, contact display screen manage, the principal conveyor belt adopts one particular-way motor transmission, specific transmission, steady handle and adjustable pace.

Solution features:
1. Total automation of the total products
2. High security, reduced failure price, beautiful and rust free
three. PLC programming manage, servo push, substantial diploma of automation
four. Automated pressure manage of raw materials to make certain the pressure stability of uncooked components
five. Photoelectric detection of raw components to keep away from problems and lessen squander

CZPT parameters:
one. Gear dimension: l10500mm * w1500mm * h2200mm
2. Appearance coloration: grey, according to this regular if there is no particular instruction
3. Equipment excess weight ≤ 5000kg, floor bearing ≤ 500kg / m2
4. Doing work energy offer: products 380VAC ± 5%, 50Hz, rated energy about 15kw
5. Compressed air: .6-.8 MPa, flow price about 200L / min
6. Operating surroundings: temperature 10-35 ºC, humidity 5-35% HR, no combustible, corrosive gasoline, no dust (cleanliness no considerably less than 100000)

Product Specification 

  • Design:OL-N95-AFOM-ten
  • Voltage: AC220V
  • Electricity: 4.5kw (Optional)
  • Compressor: .six~.8MPA(6-8kg)
  • Capacity: 35pcs/minute
  • Dimensions:7.46m*1.2m*one.9m(Height)
  • Bodyweight: 1050kg
  • Gear manufacturing qualification rate: 98-ninety nine% (apart from that the incoming materials do not satisfy the demands, except for inappropriate operation by workers)
  • Products failure rate: 2% (refers to the failure triggered by the products by itself)

Tools Composition

The computerized folding mask machine consists of feeding component, higher nose line portion (insdie nose frame), welding part, cutter portion, higher ear band part, half-folding element, forming welding part, and discharging portion. The system needs air stress and electrical power to perform properly.

Fully Automatic N95 KN95 FFP2   Folding Face Mask Respirator Making Machine in Stock, 30K-45K Production Capacity Per Day