Auto Spare Rubber Parts Engine Motor Mounting for Peugeot  Base de motor

Merchandise Description: 

Engine Mount / Motor mount / Transmission Mount for Peugeot

one. Rubber Motor Mounting
two. OEM No.: 1807.GF
three. Fit to: Peugeot

Product Range:

-Motor Mounting/ Transmission Mount
-Strut Mount
-Rubber Bushing, Arm Bushing
-Handle arm
-Shock Absorber
-Wheel hub CZPT
-Middle CZPT
-Stabilizer link
-Ball joint, Tie rod finish,Rack end
-Air ingestion hose, CV boot

Packing :

A. CZPT Bag+ Carton
B. CZPT Bag + Box + Carton
C. DAS brand name packing ( plastic bag + box)
D: Packing in accordance to client design requirement 

All our goods are nicely packed to hold items away from injury or dampness.

Shipping and delivery:

A. If we have inventory, can be completely ready for cargo within seven-10days.
B. If not stock, it will consider about 20-45days is dependent on buy amount

We positioned in coastal town–HangCZPT,has its handy Sea port and air port, can prepare cargo in any China port.

Our Gain:

1. In accordance to OE layout
2. Manufacturing unit cost
three. Good quality and expert service
four. Provide CZPT packing
5. Can generate according to your sample or drawing
six. Big ability for quick delivery
7. Small Get Appropriate
8. Much more than 5000kinds equipped
9. 1-stop provider to ship to door 

Auto Design:

There are a lot more than 5000 kinds items for Japanese,CZPTpean,Korea,American auto model.

Japanese Auto –Honda,Toyota,Nissan,Mazda,Subaru,Mitsubishi,Suzuki,Isuzu
CZPTpean vehicles –VW,Audi,Skoda,Renault,Peugeot,Citroen,Opel,Fiat,BMW,Benz,Land Rover
Korean cars –Hyundai,Kia,Daewoo
American cars–Ford,Chevrolet,Buick,Chrysler,GM




one. Equipped with contemporary and precise manufacture equipments and strictly high quality manage which enable us to make substantial high quality automobile components

two. Substantial efficient administration to achieve the creation cost optimization, and return the income to customer end for long phrase acquire earn connection. 

3. All the merchandise are make below ISO program and TS16949

DAS firm Profile:

HangCZPT DiAngSen CZPT And Export Co.,Ltd  is a single of the major provider of aftermarket automotive rubber parts, offer total-protect assortment of car parts including engine mounting, strut mount, rubber bushing, arm bushing, center assist bearing, handle arm, ball joint, stabilizer hyperlink/sway bar website link, rack conclude, tie rod finish, air Hose,wheel hub bearing, shock absorber, Crank Shaft Pulley and so forth. Covering car make of Japanese, CZPTpean, American and Korean autos. These kinds of as Honda,Toyota,Nissan,Mazda,Mitsubishi,Suzuki,Subaru,Isuzu,VW,Audi,Skoda,Opel,Renault,Peugeot,Citroen,Landrover,BMW,Benz,Ford,Chevrolet,Buick,Hyundai,Kia,Daewoo and so on. 
We have receive large reputation by means of continued motivation to substantial quality manufacturing, entire-line coverage and competitive programs. Our priorities usually to be providing our customers with wonderful high quality goods,expense-effective and excellent consumer provider. 
Welcome to contact us for more information. Our service group will do 24Hours rapid reply.


Internet site:


1. In which is your firm?

Our organization is in HangCZPT CZPT,ZheJiang ,China, a coastal town with handy sea port and air port.

two. What products you provide?

Our products are motor mount, strut mount, bushing, centre bearing, handle arm, ball joint, stabilizer url,rack stop,tie rod conclude,wheel hub bearing, crank shaft pulley, air hose and CV boot .

3. What payments can you accept?

T/T, L/C, and Western union,Funds. 
four. What are your markets.

Our primary marketplace refers to North and south American,South East Asia, Australia, Middle East,and CZPTpe and many others. We are searching for customers from other area also.

five. What is your shipping and delivery time?

If we have stock, we can ship in 1 7 days. If not, normally takes about ten-45days is dependent on purchase quantity.

6.What is your packing?
CZPT packing or DAS brand carton packing,or CZPT box style packing.
seven.Can you make according to client demand?
Of course, we can make according to your sample or drawing, OEM/ODM support provided

eight. Can you organize shipment to our warehouse?
Indeed, we have prolonged phrase skilled cooperated cargo agent to handle merchandise to your sea port and can shipping to doorway as require.

Our support crew: 

CZPTer often 1st
Liable, individual and enthusiastic
24 hrs fast reply

Desc CZPT Engine Mounting
OE No. 1807.GF
Car Design Peugeot
Employed for Aftermarket
Size same as OE component
Surface area nice surface area therapy close to OE
MOQ normally 50pcs,
if have stock, MOQ open to examine
a lot more quantity a lot more discount
Packing one: Interior plastic bag+ outer neutral carton  
2: Internal plastic bag + box+ outer carton 
three: CZPTized packing
4. DAS manufacturer packing
Shipping and delivery time 1: three-7days if have stock  
two: If not stock,
fifteen-25days for LCL cargo,
twenty five-40days for FCL shipment
QC a hundred% inspect  before supply
Guarantee 1 year up
Payment  TT, L/C, Western union, Money, Paypal
Certification ISO method and TS16949
Sea Port HangCZPT port or any china sea port accept
CZPTized services 1.OEM and ODM : Can build solution in accordance to your sample or drawings 
two.Style catalogue as per clients’ request to aid you build new market place
3.CZPTized packing provide  
four. Prepare cargo door to door
Benefit one.Professional and trustworthy
2.Very good ability for quick supply
3.Manufacturing unit price 
four.Far more than 5000 types supply 
5.Little orders are welcomed  
six.CZPTer initial,quick respond

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Auto Spare Rubber Parts Engine Motor Mounting for Peugeot  Base de motor