80mm Stepper Motor with RoHS Certification

Design:FXD 57  H  2  80 -300 -eighteen CZPT Data  
             A    B  C   D   E    F     G Stage angle precision ±5%
Observe: A  Fuxianda Temperature increase 80K Max
         B  Motor dia or square dimensions Ambient temperature 20-+50ºC
         C  Hybrid stepper motor Insulation resistance 100M  Min.500VDC
         D  Period amount Dielectric strenght 500VAC.3mA,one minute
         E  Motor size IP Course IP40
         F  Stage current multiply by 100 Insulation Course Course B
         G  Stage angle multiply by ten    

Motor Specification

product Phase angle Motor length Period present Stage resistance Phase inductance Keeping torque Guide No. Bodyweight
  (°) L(mm) (A) (Ω)25ºC (mH) (Kg.cm)   (g)
FXD57H246-two hundred-09 .nine 46 two one.4 3.4 5.seven four five hundred
FXD57H251-two hundred-09 .9 51 two 1.76 six.6 9.two 4 650
FXD57H255-200-09 .9 55 two one.88 8.2 11.2 4 seven hundred
FXD57H276-200-09 .nine seventy six two two.6 13 17.3 four one thousand
FXD57H464-a hundred and fifty-eighteen 1.8 64 one.5 three.five 5.five eleven.eight 8 870
FXD57H477-a hundred and fifty-18 1.8 77 one.5 5 ten 18 8 1571
FXD57H246-200-eighteen 1.eight 46 two one.1 two.8 six.5 4 500
FXD57H246-three hundred-18 1.8 forty six three .43 one.09 six.five four 500
FXD57H255-two hundred-eighteen 1.eight fifty five two one.four 5 ten.two 4 700
FXD57H255-300-18 one.eight 55 three .54 one.98 ten.2 4 700
FXD57H262-200-18 one.eight 62 two one.six five.5 thirteen 4 850
FXD57H262-300-18 one.8 62 3 .sixty two two.1 thirteen 4 850
FXD57H280-200-18 1.eight 80 2 2.1 ten twenty.4 four 1150
FXD57H280-300-18 one.8 80 3 .eighty two 3.eight twenty.four four 1150

The stepper motor made by us has wide variety of software like robots, electronic automatic tools, health care instrument, advertisementing instrument, lights& audio products, printer, textile equipment, CNC router and so on.
Observe: If you have some different specs, we can item stepper motor as your unique needs.
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80mm Stepper Motor with RoHS Certification